Check out this great post on the Stockland Martel blog from photographers who still shoot film. People ask me ALL the time why I shoot film. Why, why, why, why? Well, I’ll tell you why. It looks better. It feels better. I has depth. It has range. Its beautiful AND, when I shoot film, I don’t feel like a snapper. I don’t feel like a button pusher. I feel like an artist. Its a good feeling.

Here’s a little taste:

Why do you shoot film?
Brian Finke: I almost exclusively shoot film, with the exception of recently starting to shoot video with the new Canon, and soon checking out the new Nikon HD camera.  More and more these days when I am on assignment I get the, WOW, reaction when I pull the first Polaroid and everyone on set sees I’m shooting film.  I am instantly seen as an art photographer, which makes by happy. I learned shooting film and love it.  I shoot exclusively with the Hasselblad, it is a great process, taking the Polaroids, loading all the backs, then while shooting taking a pause and reloading, the physicality of the camera and process are beautiful.  I also prefer the grain and depth of film and the chromogenic print, especially when viewed in a large scale, gallery environment.


Nice one Michael – MJR just launched a film grant.. you should definitely submit.

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